Is my property suitable for photographic work / filming?

Our clients require all types of locations for their shoots, so we are willing to consider all locations. The main requirement is space as there may be a crew of people and if models are involved there will need to be room for them to have their hair and make-up done as well as somewhere for them to change. Parking is usually a necessity so that the clients can get their equipment into the location easily. 

Once I have sent you images and details of my property, what happens next?

We will then add your location to our website and send information of your property to our clients. Most of the time our clients will contact us with their requirements and we will then match their brief to properties we have registered. If this is your home, we will contact you to inform you of the shoot information. 

If the client is interested in my property, what do I do?

If anyone is interested we will contact you and give you as much information about the booking as possible, this should include what the shoot is for, the dates and times, the rate of pay, how many people will be attending, what rooms are likely to be used etc. It is possible that the client will want to come over to the house before booking to do a recce, if this is the case we will organise a suitable time for this. A recce does not guarantee the job, but it is certainly a positive sign! 

Do I have to accept every booking you offer me?

Absolutely not, you are under no obligation to accept anything. 

What is expected of me on the booking day(s)?

To make sure the house is clean and tidy and looks as it does in the images that we have on our website! You will also need to be there on arrival to let the client in and show them around. The only thing you are expected to provide is tea and coffee. All clients will sort their own food and some even have catering organised. Some owners are happy to be there in the morning and then leave the client to it for the rest of the day, others may wish to stay on-site and offer assistance as and when it is required. This is totally your choice. 

Are you able to guarantee that my location will be used? 

Unfortunately not, it is impossible for us to know what our clients are going to be looking for from one day to another, we can guarantee that your property will be suggested for any brief that it is suitable for though! 

Does it cost anything to register my property with Simply Shoot Locations? 

No it doesn't, it's complete free to register with us. If a booking is confirmed our agency fee is 20% and we charge the client a small booking fee. When we discuss the rates of pay with you, we will always advise of the net rate (that you will receive) 

Should I have my property professionally photographed? 

The better the pictures, the more of a professional feel you give to potential clients. Remember the images that you send us are the only material that we have to market your property so it is really important for them to look their very best! 
You don't have to have a professional photographer, but just be mindful that the images you take need to look good (using natural light is always best so take the photographs in the day time) 
We do have an agency photographer who we can book to come and take professional images and video of your property, there is a small fee for this so please contact us for further information. 

What happens if there are damages to my location?

As your agency we make sure that out clients have the relevant insurance before we book the job. If you wish, we are able to ask the client for a damages deposit prior to the booking. It is also possible to prevent damages, for example we can set 'house rules' before the shoot that all the crew will be made aware of, this could include no shoes in certain rooms etc.

How much money can I expect to earn from hiring my home?

Each job is different and therefore the fees vary, we consider various factors when quoting for a location, and sometimes clients have specific budgets that they are working to. As a guideline you can expect anything from £500 - £1,500 per day. 

When and how will I be paid?

In most cases we ensure that full payment is received from the client before the booking in order to secure the booking. We will pay you within 7 days of receiving the payment from our client providing you have sent us an invoice.

How do you protect my location/privacy?

Your privacy and security is paramount, we do not display your address anywhere. On our website the town, county and beginning of your postcode are the only details displayed. We would never disclose your full address until a recce or booking is confirmed (you will have been notified prior to us doing this). If you would rather your property not be put onto our website at all, this is also fine, we can just keep your property details on our systems (please be aware this may decrease your opportunities though) 

What is your role as a location agency?

We handle everything, from the initial enquiry right the way though to the final payment… we will even try and get hold of the final images/video from the shoot in your home! 

Simply Shoot locations will gain the clients relevant insurance details, draw up a contract agreement which the client will sign, this will cover things like cancellation, overtime, areas of your property that they are allowed/not allowed to use. 

You are not solely represented by us for location work, but if we introduce you to a client, all future bookings must be made via Simply Shoot Locations.